How to Dismantle a Dishwasher

How to Dismantle a Dishwasher

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Learning how to dismantle a dish washer can save you a lot of money on dishwasher repair. While it is true not every dishwasher is the same, the general parts in a dishwasher are fairly consistent. The more often you perform dishwasher repair, the better you will get at taking them apart.

Tools and Materials Needed:

  • Adjustable wrench
  • Wet vacuum
  • Small work light

Step 1: Prepare To Get Started
The very first thing you need to do is remove all of the racks from inside of the dishwasher. Most repairs involve the interior of the machine. The only things attached to the outside of the machine will be the fill and the drain pipe. Once the racks are removed, use a wet vacuum to remove any excess water and then towel dry if necessary. Place your work light inside the dishwasher because when you get in the frame, you will block out most light. You need to be able to see in order to work.

Step 2: Remove The Sprayer
The sprayer is the the large arm that shoots water up from the bottom of the dishwasher. This is generally affixed to the assembly with a main screw. The principles of righty-tighty get thrown out because of the way the sprayer moves. If it were to have the standard screw installed, it would unscrew itself through operation. Go backwards in order to remove the sprayer arm. You can test the sprayer arm if you desire, but the majority of the time, there will be no problems with this part as clean water goes in from your water source, and filtered water from your machine is cycled back through.

Step 3: Disconnect Upper Sprayer
Not all models have an arm which goes to an upper sprayer. If your machine hasno arm, disregard this section. To make sure, look at the top of the inside of the machine. If you see a sprayer, you have one. In order to get to these components, you will most likely need to remove the floor of the washing machine. This is the collector plate at the bottom of the machine that funnels all water to the center. Once removed, you will see the arm which goes to the upper sprayer. You should be able to simply pull the arm right off of the feed tube.

Step 4: Remove Pump Components
The pump components will be exposed once the sprayer parts have been removed completely. These may pull directly out of the machine, or you may need to remove some bolts to get at them depending on your model. Be careful as most models have a grinder attachment which is used to grind up large food particles which may clog the gears and sprayer. Now you should be able to identify the problems you are having with the machine.

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