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Trash Compactor Basics and Tips

By Admin - 6/1/2010 4:14:31 AM


• Trash container - located at the bottom of the unit.

• Motor - located at the top or bottom of the unit.

• Ram - located at the top of the unit is a flat piece of steel used to push the trash down.


• When you put trash into the trash container, close the door, and press or turn the Start button, the motor starts. It rotates a set of reduction gears or a belt-and-pulley system that slowly lowers the ram.

• The ram exerts tremendous pressure on the trash, which flattens it. When the ram pressure reaches its setpoint, the motor reverses and raises the ram back up to the top of the compactor.


• Under the counter - this type will not have a finished top but can be installed between cabinets which makes it convenient. The under counter models often have trim kits available to create a flush console look.

• Free standing - have finished tops which allows you to use them as counter space.


Most compactors are 12 to 15 inches wide and from 34 1/8 to 35 inches high and 24" to 24 1/4" deep. If you are installing the compactor under the counter, make sure you measure to accomodate the trim kit.

Special Features

Trash compactors come equipped with optional safety features like removable key knob control which will prevent accidental operation. Look for tilt sensors, and anti-jam systems so the trash compactor doesn't jam. Some trash compactors have a charoal filter to reduce potential odors.


• You need to regularly, thoroughly clean the interior of your trash compactor. We recommend that you use a bacteria-fighting cleaner and/or degreaser to clean the ram (the platform that presses down on the garbage) and any other part of the compactor that comes into contact with the garbage. Make sure to thoroughly dry the compactor before putting in a new bag and closing the drawer.

• Because you put food waste into it, bacteria can grow on the inside of your trash compactor. For temporary odor control between cleanings, spray the interior with a germ-killing deodorant/disinfectant. Also replace the filter (if there is one) once or twice a year.

By TheApplianceGuy - 7/12/2010 5:07:22 AM


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