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Amana NFW7200TW - Error Code 3E

By zeethree - 10/16/2020 11:21:58 AM

I have an Amana Clothes Washer Model No. NFW7200TW.

Washer recently started displaying Error Code 3E and would not complete the wash cycle.
I had an appliance repair company come out and they determined that the electric control board needed to be replaced.

Since this is an older washer the only place I could find a replacement part was eBay. Part Number WPW10273828.

Purchased a used part, had the guy come back out to install and still the same issue.

After doing some searching I am seeing a few things that stick out.
This part is used for Amana, Whirlpool, Maytag and Samsung.
I see a few other posts that suggest it's the motor. I can't find anything that actually says it's the control board.

Any advice pros?

I'm wondering if the part I got was defective or if that wasn't the right replacement part that was needed to begin with.
By Admin - 10/17/2020 1:43:00 AM


This is likely a control board issue. These boards were a problem a while back and could be why they were discontinued. I would never recommend installing a used control board, many of them are static sensitive and just handling with a bare hand could cause one not to work properly, let alone getting a used one that has probably been handled numerous times. Since the original board is discontinued it is probably best to find another washer as you would end up putting in more time into a repair and still end up with a washer not functioning.

By zeethree - 10/18/2020 6:42:53 AM

Do you put any stock into this?

Whirlpool W10273828 / WPW10273828 Laundry Washer Electronic Control Board

I am with you about buying the used board. I already have been burned. The good thing is I can at least return them and get a full refund. This is a spare washer right now, so I'm not really in a time crunch.

That link looks like they repair the board for $150. Think that might be a better shot vs a used one?
By Admin - 10/18/2020 7:25:29 PM

The do warranty their parts so at least you would have a guarantee, I think that would be the better way to go